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Crystal Worry Stone - Clear Quartz

Crystal Worry Stone - Clear Quartz

☆ Crystal Worry Stones ☆

Beautiful heart shaped crystal to hold in your palm and to caress with your thumb to relax and reduce anxiety. You can hold them during meditation and moments of calm.

Pop one in a loved ones pocket for them to find when they might need it.

Choose from 3 semi precious stones.
They all have their own special powers...

Labradorite - A protective crystal with a highly mystical quality. A bringer of light and defecter of unwanted energy. This stone can help you to overcome fears and calm an overactive mind ♡

Clear Quartz - One of the most powerful crystals for healing and amplifying energy. It's a good crystal for balancing and also unblocking energy ♡

Tigers Eye - This stone is said to be great for restoring and improving self-confidence and to help promote mental clarity, resolve problems objectively and uncloud emotions ♡

Each one comes in a cotton dust bag to keep it clean and safe