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Adjustable Silk Necklace - Ruby Star Crystal


A simple dainty necklace, made with a beautiful cut ruby star, silk and sterling silver.

ruby | a powerful stone that brings vitality and verve to the wearer, it encourages love and intimacy and attracts beautiful friendships and connections too. It can also help us take fullest advantage of positive opportunities by over riding our self-doubt, filling us with optimism, and boosting our confidence making us feel limitless.

Each piece is made in small batches with natural materials so there is currently only a small quantity of this piece available

Made with irregular natural materials to be , a little wobbly for wabu-sabi imperfection … as a result your necklace may be ever so slightly different to the image.

about the necklace -

made with ruby, silk and solid sterling silver.

necklace measures 18 inches. the crystal measures 10mm.