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G O O D V I B E S Smudge Stick


These sage smudge sticks have been infused with a good vibes intention. They have dried petals and flowers wrapped in them along with the sage.

Smudge Sticks can be used for cleansing of the aura, for example before meditation or prayer or they are quite often used by body workers and therapists before treatments. Smudging has long been used to connect to the spiritual realm or enhance intuition. Burning sage or smudge can lift one’s mood it could also be a great ally against stress.

Once you begin to use it, walk the smudge stick throughout your home to help keep it cleansed, making sure each room is well ventilated in the process. Pair it up with a gorgeous ceramic holder to rest it on, for a unique and stylish duo sat on your consoles, coffee tables and bedside tables.