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L O V E S P I R I T Smudge Stick


Love Spirit Sage, a variety of White Sage that has been sustainably harvested and infused with positive intentions to promote love and positivity. These beautiful smudge stick have rose petals and a piece of rose quartz crystal attached. Almost too good to burn!!

Love Spirit Sage is believed to enhance feelings of love and promote positivity, making it perfect for use in spiritual rituals and ceremonies or for everyday use in your home or office. Its distinct and pleasant aroma can create a peaceful and calming atmosphere while promoting a sense of inner harmony and love.

You can remove the crystal when you have burnt down to it.

Once you begin to use it, walk the smudge stick throughout your home to help keep it cleansed, making sure each room is well ventilated in the process. Pair it up with a gorgeous ceramic holder to rest it on, for a unique and stylish duo sat on your consoles, coffee tables and bedside tables.